Buying Process

Once we have found you your home, your solicitor will begin the legal process on your behalf, but if you don’t have a solicitor, we can introduce you to an independent company that has a proven reputation over many years.

  • The first step of the process is to sign a private purchase contract between yourself, the buyer and the seller and leave a holding deposit, which is normally 3.000€.
  • The contract will include a full description of the two parties and a full description of the property inscription number in the land registry.
  • Price of the property and stage payments in the case of a new property.

Your lawyer will carry out a land registry search to verify that everything stated in the contract was true.

  • Establish the current ownership.
  • Check that the property is free of debts and charges.
  • In the case of a new property, building permissions.

If it will not be possible for you to be in Spain on the completion date, we would recommend that you give your solicitor power of attorney in order for the completion to be carried out without the need for you to be present.

Step by step

Pre-completion checks

Just prior to completion your solicitor will make further checks on the property to ensure that there are no outstanding debts which you could inherit. i.e. Council tax, electricity, water and community fees will all be checked before completion takes place.

Obtaining your NIE number

This is a fiscal identification number that is required before you can make a purchase of a property and paying taxes, and you solicitor will be able to arrange for this to be done for you.


On completion we exchange the balance of the agreed property price, ownership and keys of the property, which takes place at the Notary’s office.

After completion

After the signing, your solicitor will register the notarised deed at the local land registry. The land registry maintains all the details of the property and records financial charges and other matters that may affect the title.

Paying taxes

From the day of signing your solicitor has a maximum of 30 days in which to pay the tax on the property.

Transferring utilities into your name

Your solicitor will now change the water, electricity and any other utility contracts into your name.

Property Search

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